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Failure analysis in improper igniter application

For gas or oiled fired machinery and equipment, ignition is a system combined process, other than individual function. Therefore, if any incident occurs in ignition or burning, the problems should be considered in systems.


1. Unsteady ignition

In the aspect of igniter, power and temperature are the two factors that can affect ignition. Taking one into account but neglect the other is extremely wrong. Confined to the assembled materials temperature limit, too high power will prolong the ignition time anyway. Therefore, we suggest different igniters used to match different gas or oiled fired machinery and equipment.

Other factors can be, environment, air velocity, working voltage, gas type and, heating area of igniter.


2. Coke deposition

For oiled fired equipment, if ignition or burning is not steady in the ignition process, oil will leave and coke in combustion chamber and the igniter surface. The problems goes back to unsteady ignition. Please check the first.


3. Disconnection of igniter

The disconnection of igniter is mainly caused by the overburning of heating element. It happens usually because of too large voltage, too high environment temperature and bad heat dissipation.