Brief Introduction of the Products

    Le-Mark all heating elements are made of multi-layer Si3N4 compound ceramic materials, which not only have the advantages of acid & alkali-resistance, not easy to adhere to other materials, but also have ablation-resistance, high-temperature resistance and hot impact resistance. Furthermore, the heating elements heat from the surface directly to ensure the rapid startup or heating up as many applications requested. Also the heating elements can completely overcome the shortcomings that metal heating elements and ceramic-sheathed heating elements could not avoid.

    The company supplies:
1. All-Ceramic Glow Plug for Diesel Engine
2. Hot Surface Igniter
3. Fuel-Fired Glow Plug
4. Igniter for Vehicle air heater
5. Igniter for Military/ Commercial cook top and water heater
6. Igniter for Turbo Engine/Jet Engine
7. Igniter for SOFC (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell)
8. Spectroscopic IR-source
9. Igniter for Special Engine
10. Glow Plug Pressure Sensor

Le-Mark’s Conflict Minerals Policy: our Customers require Le-Mark to complete specialized due diligence and report annually to them if our products contain conflict minerals. The reporting requirements reflect our Customers’ concern that revenues obtained from mining and transport of conflict minerals finance the ongoing conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo and surrounding countries (the Covered Countries) and the resulting humanitarian crisis.

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